Cable Blowing-in Technology


The THALER-Fiber Control (TFC 1) is the latest product on the market for blowing-in systems. The TFC 1 automatically controls the process while blowing in. It can be used regardless of which brand of blowing-in system is used.

All main data are entered via smartphone / tablet, e.g. information about project, compressor or used gliding means. The pipe- and cable parameters can be selected by dropdown-menu. The data transfer from smartphone / tablet to TFC 1 is given by Wi-Fi connection. An internal memory saves all input data which can be used for the next project – same information does not have to be entered again.

A detailed graph shows actual data of blowing-in process: cable length, which is already blown in, air pressure and cable speed. The same graph is also shown in the protocol. Additionally, a chart documents every meter which can be analysed if required.

Every protocol can be read as pdf-file on the internal memory via USB-port or on smartphone / tablet via Wi-Fi connection. With an internet enabled smartphone the protocols can directly be send as an E-Mail.

The TFC 1 is approved by German Telecom - ZTV TKNetz 40.

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FIBERJET - Cable Blowing System for laying of fibre optic cables

The THALER-Cable Blowing System “FIBERJET” is used for blowing-in cables of diameter range 10–30 mm in HDPE-pipes of different sizes. Cable lengths of up to 4000 m can be blown-in at a speed of up to 100 m/min.

The blown-in length is depending on the inner diameter of the pipe, the cable diameter, the weight of the cable, the friction factor between cable and pipe as well as on the available air pressure.
Furthermore the possible length is depending on the quality of the pipe laying (curve radius, deformations).

The blowing-in system "FIBERJET"
is consisting of the following main components:

  • Thaler-blowing-unit “VARIOJET”
  • Pneumatic pushing device “CABLE FEEDER” with support
  • Mist oiler for gliding means with two connecting hoses
  • Compressed air after cooler

Main features

  • Indication of length and speed (in case of equipment with electronic measuring system)
  • Indication air pressure
  • Various combinations of tube configurations by means of interchangeable collets
  • Adjustable pushing force and speed
  • Auto stop by slipping control (in case of equipment with electronic measuring system)
  • Single person operation
  • Liftable chains for easy guide-in of cable
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise level
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Tornado Mini

The tube blowing machine „Tornado“, comprising an air box and pusher, has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of installing micro-tubes. The system operates on the viscous drag principle employing compressed air to install the tubes, controlled and assisted by a belt system.
The tubes are propelled by compressed air, fed into the duct via a venturi principle, while the hydraulic powered belt drive system controls the micro-tubes. The electronic monitoring system provides read out of speed and distance, gives protection against duct obstructions and includes an emergency stop facility.
The system is mounted on an anti corrosion treated, sturdy, height adjustable, wheeled, tubular steel trolley. This allows the unit to be wheeled around on site; in addition the system can also be detached from the trolley. The petrol driven power pack provides power. The unit is CE approved.

Main Features

  • Combined indication of length and speed
  • Indication hydraulic pressure / air pressure
  • Various combinations of tube configurations by means of interchangeable collets
  • Adjustable pushing force and speed
  • Auto stop facility when air stone fitted
  • Single person operation
  • Digital display of speed and length
  • Adjustable chain drive tensioners
  • Liftable chains for easy guide-in of tubes
  • System relief valve
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise level
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AIR STREAM - Cable blowing machine for micro cable

The “Air Stream” has been designed to blow-in micro cable of Ø 2,5-11 mm into tubes of Ø 5-18 mm. It maximises the protection for micro cables with a compliant double drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to provide precise control of torque and speed.
Single person operation with safe, easy to operate ergonomic controls combines with low maintenance and high reliability to form the machine’s key features.

Main features

  • Automatic Cable centralising
  • Synchronous high grip profiled compliant drive belts
  • Tabletop design with ergonomic controls for ease of operation
  • Forward and reverse
  • Variable torque and speed controls
  • Digital servo motor drive system
  • Auto stop facility when air stone fitted
  • Single person operation
  • Digital cable speed and length monitoring
  • Integral air valve and pressure gauge
  • Easy cable threading
  • Polycarbonate safety guarding
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise levels
  • Travel case
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ACCEL AIR 2 - Cable blowing machine for micro cable-Ø 0,8-3 mm

The „Accel Air 2“ is a fibre blowing machine for micro cables from 0,8 to 3 mm diameter in micro pipes from 3 to 10 mm diameter. Settings like speed can be remote controlled The machine only requires electrical supply and compressed air to operate. To protect the fibre with a diameter of 0,8-1,6 mm the Accel Air 2 includes a buckle protection mode. Up to 3 mm diameter there is no buckle protection.but because of setting the blowing speed the machine will stop.

Main features

  • Automatic fibre management
  • Blowing speed can be controlled
  • Easily accessible operating elements
  • Digital servomotor
  • Safety stop
  • Just one person needed
  • Backlit screen provides all neccessary information, including current distance, speed and fibre status
  • Light and compact
  • Quiet
  • Transport box
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